Posted on: September 14, 2008 11:18 pm

Robert Griffin is the next Vince Young

This kid is electrifying, unstoppable, freakish, athletic, amazing, a leader, and the next Vince Young of college football. He has a similar frame to Young, although Young was a little taller. However, Griffin can run faster than Young and has a much better arm. This kid has only started two games, but has, twice, already appeared on SportsCenters Top 10 plays for his dazzling athleticism. Okay, so what? you say. He can run, but what about his passing? No problemo. He can pass just as well as he can run. Just take a look at his stats, they speak for himself. Bottom Line is, in the Big 12, you'll hear alot about Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell, Todd Reesing, Josh Freeman, Colt McCoy, and Joe Ganz; but Griffin is quickly establishing himself as one of the top QB's in this stacked conference. I'd rate him in my top 5 believe it or not. I have no doubt that by the time Griffin has finished his sophomore year as a Baylor Bear, you will know him as the top quarterback in the Big 12. Watch out for this kid, he is something special. The future looks bright for Baylor.

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